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is there a way to tweak Win7's registry (or something) when I use readyboost (I want to use a 4GB USB drive) to boost my system to actually speedup the background applications/programs without changing in the system's propriety (that is located in the Adv. > Performance settings > Adv.'s Processor scheduling > adjust best performance for applications/programs----this I want to keep!).

Is there a solution to it?

Im using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with 4GB @800Mhz and Q8400 CPU, GTS 250 @ 1024MB (I don't know if it matters).
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  1. ReadyBoost's function is to cache certain writes that occur to the disk drive (paging files and system cache). Because reading and writing to disk is significantly slower than it is from reading and writing to RAM, Microsoft created ReadyBoost. It's purpose is to extend the disk-caching capabilities of your computer's main memory to a USB flash drive. It doesn't necessarily speed up your applications on the whole, just whenever the OS needs to write or read from the system cache.

    When ReadyBoost is enabled, Windows 7 uses the USB device primarily for caching data that uses random input/output and small, sequential input/output rather than large, sequential input/output. This is due to the fact that memory on the USB flash drives are more efficient when it comes to random I/O and small, sequential input/output.

    If background processes are running and the OS decides it needs to read or write from the system cache, then those processes will benefit from it, but there is no way to "tag" a program to use ReadyBoost. It's all up to the OS and what operation is being performed.
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