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There is minimal real world diff in memorry speeds.

I would choose the 8gb of 1333mhz over the 4gb of 1600.

as unless you have an IVY bridge CPU then you will not take full advantage of the 1600mhz RAM.
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  1. Hi guys..

    Well i have a pair of 4GB ram ( dual channel ones) that has a bus speed of 1600 MHz..
    Am planning to install them on a mobo that has a support for 1333/1066 MHz...
    I already have 8GB of 1333Mhz installed on the mobo..

    So the question is..

    Will there be any improvement with respect to performance by replacing the 8GB rams (1333MhZ) with 4GB rams (1600MHz)???

    [P.S: The mobo does not have the ability to be overclocked to accommodate any increase in the bus speed... DH61WW.. and i know its pretty out-dated :)]

    Your response will be highly acknowledged :)
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    Definitely the 8gb. The computer will feel much more comfortable when you are multitasking. I also believe that a few games games are starting to get a boost in performance when you go beyond 4gb.

    When figuring out if more memory will help you have to take in account how much your system setup is eating out of your total memory. You can see how much you are using in the task manager(ctrl+alt+del).

    If the 4gb ram has a cas latency(CL) of 7 or 8 and the 8gb is CL 10-11 and you find out that you don't need 4 gb extra. You might see better results from the 4gb.

    Sorry if my speech is a little incoherent, I just got home and it's 5AM here.
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