Time to get a new computer?

Hey Guys,

My computer Blue Screens all the time, i cant run programs properly and i want to program android apps. My PC is listed as my signature,
The opinion i am looking for is, do i need a new pc to make the Apps, is there anyone that has done it before that could link me to some helpful sites, or send me some info.
Also i hope i am posting in the right part of the forums lol.
Siege_Templar, and i play starcraft.
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    What is the BSOD error say... is it the same? The first thing I look at with BSOD's is the RAM... Download and run the microsoft memory diagnostic. that should tell you if the RAM is bad.

    Have you checked the HD for bad sectors?

    Can you run Ubuntu from a cd or USB?
  2. DAMN, i forgot to run memory test, someone told me to you reminded me thanks.
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