Looking to build a PC using a different mobo. The current one I have has too many hardware problems and I'm looking to get another board for $80 or under.

I will be using a AMD FX-6200 as a processor, an Antec Earthwatts EA650 (650 Watts), 4GB of G Skill DDR3 ram (Can't find model number), and a Sata and IDE Hard Drive.

Is this a pretty good board? It seems relatively new, and I seen some threads scattered around the internet recently about some positive things about the board, like Self VRM Cooling.

I plan on putting a GTX 650 in it after it gets here and I find it to work fine.

Should I get this board, what do you think?
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  1. This board looks very good. Its got heatsinked mosfets, and they're gigabytes low rds on mosfets so they're not the low quality stuff. That board will overclock very well for the price (£40 in UK).

    Good choice with Piledriver too they're far faster than Bulldozer, and will be a good companion with your GTX 650. The 650s can overclock very well too.

    I would get more ram too, you can get an 8 gig kit of 1600mhz corsair ram for £28, it's so cheap it's silly.
  2. hey guys, even Ive shortlisted this mobo and going to buy in week's time. so my query is urgent and important too. please let me know if Corsair DDR3 2 GB VS2GB1333D3 ram is supported by this board or not. I have already bought 2x2GB and now only this point is giving confusion. at flipkart the supported ram is 1333(OC), 1066 only given whereas at product site many options listed. :(
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