I have a laptop with vga and hdmi outputs as well as the laptop screen, i connect screens to both the vga and hdmi the system see all the screens 1,2,3 but will not let me extend desktop to both hdmi and vga at the same time how can i do this, the graphics is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470?
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  1. You Cant
  2. Same problem here. Why not? Don't just say you can't. I seem to think there is a driver solution or setting that is not being enabled. i have a sony with a radeon 6630m and i have the exact same problem right now. if it sees all of them, then why am i only allowed to select 2 out of 3 where one of those 2 is the laptop display? Why can't you select the 2 external monitors as your 2 devices?

    I have submitted posts to several different forums and i am waiting before i ship this baby back. i like it, but this is definitely a problem if you can't have multiple monitors for me. I just didn't like the response - "you can't".
  3. The way these laptops are designed, they only have two video outputs. One MUST be for the laptop display (not sure why, but probably to save money). The other one is sent to an internal video switch. Which one you enable, determines whether it goes directly out the digital (HDMI) port, or through a digital to analog converter and then to out the VGA port.

    I'm guessing that it is just too cost prohibitive to allow you to opt not to use the laptop's display and using all three would require more graphic hardware (eyefinity).

    -Wolf sends
  4. Turns out that it has nothing to do with the laptop or graphics card - it has to do with the docking station. It is not so much a docking station like my old dell's docking station. They are supposed to have a separate graphic chip that will allow the use of both ports - this docking station does not allow for it. After talking with the AMD Radeon rep, he explained to me those differences and why it had nothing to do with the graphics card or software. So, now i have my 15" LCD laptop monitor right next to my 26" LED monitor. Looks great! NOT. Just have to get used it I guess. I am really disappointed in that though.
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