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I'm trying to change the channel for my netgear router but I don't know how to do this. I tried to look up instructions online and it tells me to:
Open up a Web browser window and type the IP address of the modem into the address bar. The default address is A popup box will ask you to provide a username and password. ... when I open up the web browser and type in the IP address into the address bar it just takes me to google search... I have no idea what i'm doing
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  1. It's very unlikely your router's IP address is, more likely or

    If you're using Windows, one way to be sure is to go to Start and in the input box, type "cmd" (no quotes) and hit enter. It will take you to a command window. In the command window, type "ipconfig" (no quotes) and hit enter. Your router's IP address is the same as the Default Gateway from that output.
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