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Most practical video card

i,m running a pentium 4 prescot 3.4/1/800 cpu with 4 gigs of ram on an intel d915grv motherboard. i also run dual operating systems i use windows 7 and linux ubuntu gnome.i am only using this pc for dj/karaoke applications and some light weight live recording software, so for minimal video requirements it will need dual monitor (or an s video out even better) also needs open gl. and 128mb built in 3d a plus. 1280x1024 resolution is recommended but 1024x768 resolution is minimal required. i'm trying to keep costs some-what low hence using a pentium 4. basically from what i read i need to build a low end gaming computer for high end dj apps to run smoothly i.e. traktor, atomix virtua dj ect.. I was told that a high end pentium 4 with a good video and sound card with enough on board memory would be fine. I've tried to be as thorough as i could with info on what i'm working with and what i need please let me know if any other info is needed. i appreciate everyones time and well thought out suggestions with my questions.
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    Rather old and slow system mate it up with HD4650/70 as a GPU.
  2. You say from what you read you need to build a low end gaming computer to run high end dj apps, but low end gaming computer from what decade?

    I mean a low end gaming computer from today, would be 20x faster than a single core Pentium4.

    A Pentium 4 computer would have been a low end gaming computer back in like 2002, not 2011.
  3. Pretty much any $40-50 video card will do for a non-gaming system.....
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