Athlon II x3 455 Unlocking

Asked in wrong forum earlier so giving this one a shot.

First off Im totally new at this so forgive any questions that seem obvious.

I bought a Athlon x3 455 and attempted to unlock the 4th core. I have a a880g+ biostar board. I hit the f4 during boot like it said to unlock. When I was messing with it last night it was giving me BSOD and rebooting so I hit F3 and then it worked fine. Decided to leave it be. I just noticed the change recently. Now I look and its recognizing it in device manage and AMD Overdrive as a Phenom II x4 B55 but only showin 3 cores still. That norm or am I missing a step? Thanks
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  1. Its normal some of the cpu's are unlocking in quad core and some just in tri core.
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