Dell XPS 630i x8 / x16

Hi, first time posting here.

I've looked around for quite a while now and found a few topics about my question, but all with different answer.

So I have a Dell XPS 630i, which used to have two GeForce 9800gt in SLI.

One died. Now I've been running with only one card for over a year and it was running pretty smooth, but newer games are starting to get a little laggy.

So I purchased this card :

I'm waiting for it through the mail, but I'm unsure about something.

I've read that my computer, the 630i model has two PCIe x16 slot, which I believe this card will fit in, but the slots are wired with x8 cables or something like that.

My question is :

Will this card fit in my computer ? If yes, will it run correctly ?

I have 750w PSU and as I said, used to run 2x GeForce 9800gt

Also, is the x8 / x16 thing something I should worry about ? Is this going to affect the video card capacity ?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and I hope my question is clear enough, if not, just ask... Thanks.
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