GTX570 89 temp is okay?

Hey guys,

I got a new computer and i did an effort test with OCCT & HWMonitor
And when the test finished the temp of GFX was 80 is that okay?
When I play GTA IV the temp of GFX is 71-80..
is that okay?
case - Lancool pc k63
gfx - GTX 570
cpu - I7 2600k
cpu cooling - scythe mugen 2

Sorry for typo and bad english :S
sorry for double thread i posted the other in HDTV
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  1. Not unusual. It's OK. These cards run hot relative to anything else in your system.

    The max temp for this card is 97C. You're well within the heat spec for this card. The thread name suggests you're hitting 89C while the body shows 80C. If you max at 80C that's actually nice and cool for this card. My 580s have the same max temp and they'll regularly hit the high 80Cs/low 90Cs while gaming; all within the rated spec.
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