Hi Guys, I was wondering if AMD had finally caught up with Intel and if so how does the AMD phenom ii quad-core n930 stand up against the i5 & i7 processors? I am looking to buy a new laptop to progress with my music production. Naturally I'm going need a powerful processor, any recommendations on ideal power and performance specs? Many thanks :)

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  1. Any of the mobile i7's based on Sandy Bridge are currently the strongest processors in the Mobile Market.

    This is currently the single most powerful Mobile Processor available.
  2. cheers Jon! i7 is out my price range unfortunately, any recommendations for i5? or would you say the AMD above is better than i5?
  3. Okay, heres the deal.

    Any of the i5's will outperform ALL of the AMD chips in raw CPU Power.

    The AMD APUs (A8 3550 for eg) will beat them outright in Gaming due to IGP constraints with the i5's internal graphics.

    Basically, gaming/rendering - AMD APU is probably quicker.
    Anything and everything else (including the above when paird with an equally quick dedicated GFX card) is better on the intel i5/i7 chips
  4. Nice one Jon big help
  5. No problem bro. Enjoy!
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