My computer shows ethernet controller with a question mark how to fix it if cant

I recently pu a new hard drive on my Dell Dimension C521 (runs on windows xp) and had to reboot the whole system.after installing all the CD the computer came with it still will not pick up ethernet controller. the ethernet controller shows up with a question mark..... but how to fix it if that computer will not pick up my internet. How can I fix this ? :(
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  1. download the driver to another pc and copy it over with flash/external drive or on cd

    the ethernet driver is one you should always get before reloading windows
  2. you need to install drivers for Ethernet controller
  3. tis is the link
  4. Is there a specific website i could go to download the ethernet drive?
  5. whats wrong with the link already given?
  6. the dell link for it
  7. i tried that already and my computer will not let me download it ;(
  8. nothing wrong with the link just downloaded it

    try in a different web browser
  9. if you use the same link and put your service tag so dell wil provide you the driver you need
  10. ok im not computer smart lol so where to i get the service tag from?
  11. look on the link the show you how to find it
  12. ok thanks ;) i will try that
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