AMD 6790 on Dell Xps 8300

I ordered a dell XPS 8300 and amazingly it came in just 6 days(4 working days).

But the question remains which Gfx card to buy.

Heres what i have researched.

GTS 450
I can get it but i wanna go higher.

AMD 5770
But I can get 6770 for just a few more bucks.

AMD 6770
Currently this is finalized

AMD 6790
Need help from you guys.

Dell gave me 460 watt PSU which people say is good and peaks at 500 watt.
But I dont Have much knowledge about Amp rating so need Help

My PSU Already has two 6 pin PCI E connector.(I gues dell is shipping new 8300 with two pins)
But will 6790 fit inside without any problem.

And is it really worth it as the maid difference is bus width
6770=128 bit
6790=256 bit

550 ti, AMD 6850--out of budget so dont suggest.
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  1. Out of those options go with the HD6790 it will run fine on that PSU.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Out of those options go with the HD6790 it will run fine on that PSU.

    If u have some idea can u also tell me about weather it would fit or not.

  3. Best answer
    It should fit fine, they offer it with HD6770.
  4. Got AMD 6770 fromm saphire finally, nice card and got good deal on it.
    It Max out crysis 2.
    But to my surprise the pics say it should have
    2 dvi
    1 hdmi
    1 display port

    but mine has only one dvi.

    Dell XPS now comes with 2 6 pin cable for pci card.
    Also I guess card of almost any lenghth would fit as there is ample room there.
    Guess could have baught AMD 6790 it would have been fine
    Thanks rolli 59
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