[Capacitors] Capacitor Broke off of Gigabyte Z77-DS3h

Hi all,
I recently purchased a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H to build a hackintosh. After installing the board I had to remove one of those pesky pci-slot covers. The pci-slot covers on my case twist off. While twisting it off, I accidentally broke off one of the capacitors on the left hand side of the board. After a few minutes of heartbreak and tears (jk,) I decided to attetempt to boot. I booted successfully and haven't encountered any errors so far. Here's my question, should I return the board or will I easily be able to re-solder a replacement capacitor?

Here are the numbers on the capacitor:


Also, on the mobo, the capacitor was in a group of four. Each one had a little label by it. This one said: CECV1
I've done some research to no avail and am unable to determine what this means or if this is even important.
I don't really know much about capacitors, but I'm willing to spend a bit of time working on it.

I'm new to the community and I'd really like some help!

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  1. Buy a replacement capacitor and you should be able to re-solder a capacitor on that spot. Also make sure you buy a 6.3v capacitor. I would advise you not to use the computer until you fix the damaged capacitor or you may end up frying the motherboard with prolonged usage. You can also choose to return the board, it would be much easier on your part if you are not so good with soldering (I am terrible at it).

    Good Luck,

    Socialfox :)
  2. Thanx Socialfox,

    I have never soldered before so... I am probably terrible at it too.
    Also, I wouldn't even know where to buy a capacitor.

  3. If terrible at soldering, would not even attempt to. MB are normally multilayered and if the solder does not flow correctly will not make contact on inter layers.

    Soldering iron should be a low wattage pencil type NOT a 100 Watt gun.
    prefered solder is called 60/40, But 50/50 will do in a pinch.

    Problem is correctly identifing part, finding a replacement should be easy - Newark electronics, digikey are two very good sources (just google).
    Is manuf Identified.

    5KS32 (Sure it's not 5K532) is the part number that specifies physical size and type of dielectric material (ie Ceramic, Silver mica, electrolitic).

    100 denotes size in (micro/nino/pico ) farads. Micro = 10 to neg 6, nino = 10 to neg 9, and pico = 10 to neg 12
    and as Mentioned the 6.3 denotes voltage rating, Do NOT use lower, but higher is better.
    Did not get any hits on 5KS32

    If you botch your attemp at replacing, your warrantee is voided (and THEY WILL know). On the flip side they may not honor the warranty as is could be fairly easily identified as "USER" caused. - CATCH 22

    On using with out. If this is a 100 uFarad Cap most likely used for filtering. If connected in parallel with others most likely will increace noice on that line - Over all effects would likely be Inop to instability (inop you already ruled out). Then it could also go to a circuit that is not currently being used and would never know it unless you used that circuit.

    BOTTOM line on usage without repair, and system appears to work, is very hard to predict long term effects.
  4. if you can still return that board, return it! i would not risk fudging your warrenty with a misplaced bit of solder
  5. don't say anything about breaking the cap. maybe say it was laying in the box or inside the static bag...??
  6. ^ahaha I was going to say that but I was afraid of being scolded by others for encouraging others for lying. I say you may want to do that, I am sure Gigabyte makes millions and one board is not going to kill them if they fix it for free. Anyways who knows if the Capacitor was already bent and was just hanging on barely until you accidentally touched it?
  7. Yea, I'm just going to say: "One of the capacitors is missing thus the board is non-functional."
  8. crystalinecorruption said:
    Yea, I'm just going to say: "One of the capacitors is missing thus the board is non-functional."

    If I were you, I would presume that Gigabyte will test the motherboard and probably ask you which capacitor is missing. You'll have to explain how you found out and what issue it's causing. If you can trace it to a slot that isn't used, then it probably isn't a cause for concern.
  9. Well, I bought it from amazon, so they don't even test it. They just send a replacement to me.
  10. why don't you just tape the cap to the motherboard or in a small baggy and tape that to the motherboard and write a note and say "this fell out of the static bag when I opened it. I don't trust the motherboard. please replace". thank you....how hard is that ?

    now don't forget, everybody at gigabyte is going to be looking for this board because somebody that works there read this.......... BOO!
  11. ^ Can not simply Mail back as must get RMA # first.
  12. Don't even try to repair it. Send it back ASAP. If you try to repair and fail, you won't be able to return it period. If you had experience in soldering you could go up to Radio Shack and buy some capacitors. But since you don't, don't even both.

    Play it safe.
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