Coolermaster Cosmos II

I have been checking out the new coolermaster Cosmos II case. Reading most of the reviews'looks like a great case for liquid cooling. Question is when will it be out to the public. I have only seen one on ebay,I would like to know were he got it. Have looked all over havent seen it anyware
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  1. More than likely it was a review sample sent by Cooler Master for the person to review. I don't think it's available commercially yet.
  2. Thanks for the come back, I seen one more on ebay Thair asking about 400.00$ ? I think this case will be a big seller,I know I will be getting one Thanks again
  3. OK NewEgg just put the case on thair site for pre-ordor 349.99 to be shiped 1/23 2012, I got my ordor in ,can.t wate
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