Hi guys
i bought a XFX radeon HD4850 which arrived today... however im getting a crash when running one game.... however i can succesfully run 3dmark03 without any problems .... also run wolfenstein for 20 minutes without any problems
the crash in FEAR 2 looks like a striped screen ( grey screen with red/pink vertical lines ) and occurs around 3 minutes into gameplay..... sometimes theres a reverb type noise aswell..... manual reboot required
i was using a c.i.t 650w psu however i have changed this to a OCZ stealthstream 500w psu which is more than capable of powering the XFX HD4850 ...
im also thinking the problem may be driver based... however why would it run 3dmark and other games without problems ....... however i have had 5 different cards installed during the current windows 7 installation ( 2 nvidia and 3 ati/amd )... so could it be that windows is just clogged up and requires a fresh installation of windows ?
strange thing is fear 2 ran fine with my previous card ( XFX radeon HD5670) .... so why not with another ati card
any advice on what the problem may be ...

many thanks
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  1. First of all, how did you have 5 different cards installed? Where they all at once? That would be impossible.

    You need to get a better 3dMark than 03. 03 is wayyyyyy too old for your video card. Get at least 08 and run it for as long as you can and see the temps you are getting on your card. If the temps are all good check your power consumption and if that is good give more specs on your computer (Very much your motherboard). You are not giving nearly enough information to make a good conclusion. All you are doing is making your own conclusions and saying what you previously had. None of those things help at all. :non:

    Also. You mentioned that you play Wolfenstein for 20 minutes? Does that mean it crashes after 20 minutes? If it does crash after that time it is the 2 things I mentioned above
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