Strange question, Storing OS on RAM?

I know this might seem like the strangest question anyone would ask, but is it possible to buy enough RAM to store your OS on it? I know it's volatile, but if you kept your system powered on, and you boot from your RAM, wouldn't it be lightning fast? Sorry if this doesn't fit in this category.
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  1. interesting situation.
    what do u plan to do every time you reboot? if you would be installing OS every time you boot, then wouldn't it fail the purpose itself?
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    Actually this can be achieved easily with VM machines.
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  4. I just wanted to see how fast it would be to boot off my RAM. Faster than SSD's. etc.

    Nevermind, this, I'll close this thread.
  5. Theres a linux distro called puppy linux and when you boot off a CD it will copy everything to your RAM. It's really neat because then you can save stuff back to the disc when you shut down and boot from it again next time and have your same files and stuff.
  6. Quick thread renewal, I just found a utility made by AMD that basically transforms your ram into it's own disk. It's called AMD Radeon Disk drive or something like that.

    It works really well, I just tested the speed, I got 4794 MBits per second read and 6578 write cool stuff
  7. Oh yes they call that "a RAM disk" I've never used one and I'm not sure how but usually people don't try to run an OS off of it, but if you can make it work that's really cool.
  8. It's not possible to run your OS off of it, since it's volatile memory..
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