Help me see if my GPU is dead

Well ok it's probably not 100% dead but fails me after the least possible amount of strain.

I have an nVidia 8800 GT, mb is Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R, Pentium CoreDuo E6750, Chieftech 550W PSU, 2GB ram. The system is 3,5 years old.

It all started a couple of days ago when i tried to game after some time. After playing a couple of hours my screen froze (music kept playing, but just the music no sound effect from pressing any keys etc) but in a strange way. After a dozen or so seconds my screen would blink black for half a second or so and a small part of it would change. Anyway i just rebooted and obviously the problem did not go away, Same thing happened when the game finished loading. After trying a ton of stuff i realised it's not a game issue and tried to install the game on my new win7 partition (which is pretty basic, just win7 x64 and a set of drivers just a different hd) and game crushed while giving me a ''display driver stopped responding...'' message. I update all drivers in both partitions and same thing happens.

Tried all sorts of games and when loading ends same thing happens. In other games when there is something rendering in the menus freezes while at the menu too after a short amount of time. Stress tests freeze/crash after a few seconds and the last one i tried gave me a BSOD while in XP pointing at nv4_displ (not the exact name but it's the display driver).

Memetested my RAM 0 errors found. CPU seems fine. When my GPU start working a bit more and (reaches about 62-63 C) I get the same problem.

So I've had lots of problems during my PC-user years but it's the first time i get something GPU related. I'd love to hear some more ideas, maybe the motherboard is at fault? Can i test that? Might it be the PSU (besides being a possible culprit for the GPU's downfall)? was thinking of replacing it anyway since it's a bit old. I don't wan't to buy a new GPU for no reason. Help this busy IRL guy enjoy some gaming at his free time this summer :)

Thanks in advance (and sorry for any spelling mistakes, I haven't used my english in a long long time).
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  1. Is the cooler on the card clean, sounds like a temp issue!
  2. Yeap pretty clean. Don't think it's a temp issue, 62 C while playing games is pretty ok. I could easily push temps with stress tests a lot higher with no problems before.
  3. Then it really sounds like the card is dying!
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