Network card not picking up signal when I put in new GPU

Long story short, I put an evga gts 250 512mb ddr3 gpu in to my computer, replacing a evga 9800 gt, and the network card doesn't work anymore. I put the old gpu back in and the network card worked. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, nothing worked.

Now here comes the long story,

Before that, I had a different wireless network card in there (Rosewill wireless LAN card). It worked perfectly with a 9800 gt. When I put the 250 in there things got ugly. The computer would RANDOMLY freeze while doing SIMPLE tasks. Yet I managed to play demanding games PERFECTLY (if I could get to them before it froze). When I quit a game, shortly after it would lock up and I would have to reboot manually.

So I put in a different network card (Linksys WMP54G v4.1) and it worked initially then it stopped picking up signals. It would say it's there but it wouldn't pick up any signals AT ALL.

This is the most annoying occurrence of events I have ever had with a computer. It got so bad I thought it could be anything causing it. What is strange is when I had the Rosewill card in the pc it continued to freeze when the 9800 was still in. There was NO pattern it seemed. Nothing adds up. THe gpu plays games well with no crashes at all.

I did try different pci and pci-e slots for all the cards and it made no difference. I have the msi 790xt-g45 motherboard.

I have a Cooler Master ELITE 460w psu. The 250 needs 450 watts. This psu only has 70 percent efficiency. The only LOGICAL conclusion I can draw from this is that the network card isn't getting enough power, therefore I need a better psu. It's the only thing that makes sense. My friends were also baffled and they agreed that the only thing logical would be the psu lacking sufficient power. I have spent the last 3 days baffled after one thing to another.

I put in a Rosewill green series 700 watt 80 PLUS BRONZE certified with a single 12v rail with 54 amps. I get the SAME problem. The Rosewill LAN card won't pick up any signals. I tried changing the PCI latency to 32 from 64 and it only worked for 2 hours and now it's doing the same crap again.

What in the world is going on? I am guessing the GPU is causing all the problems because ever since I put it in it has caused nothing but trouble.

I have Windows 7 64 bit Pro
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  1. do you have a different PCI slot you could use?
  2. Yes I tried both PCI slots
  3. in the BIOS there should be an option to assign an IRQ to the video card.

    you should try changing the setting and see if it makes a difference.
  4. I think it is an IRQ or resource problem. The video card uses IRQ 18 which is shared with 3 (PCI) Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controllers.

    I went in to the BIOS and the only IRQ I could change was COM1 or something like that.
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