I lost my user password for my Acer Aspire laptop

i forget my password that i setted for my acer laptop
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  1. HA! You probally stole it!!! :)
  2. Honestly, it's very unlikely that you'll get help cracking a password in these forums. There is no way to verify if you are the real owner of the laptop.
  3. let's count the red flags:
    first post ever (1) is regarding circumventing a password (2) on a laptop (3), very little detail (4) is given, the OP doesn't return to post again (5, as if he will), and the post contains spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors (6 to 8, crooks=stupid).
  4. yeah this is crap and ready for the mod to close lol... probably some criminal trying to make use of their loot
  5. LOL this made me chuckle. It is not like anyone in the right mind would help him, unless he responded and gave a good clear account of what happened.
    Something like this:

    I just stole a brand new Acer Laptop, and man is it looking good. All I need now is to reset the password, and I could sell it for so much! Yes!

    Well... no one would help him anyway :D
    I think he would get farther searching google.
  6. Lol we should link him to that Norton link on tomsguide. The software that takes a mugshot of the theif who stole it the second they log on.
  7. I have read a tutorial titled:

    How to Recover Acer Laptop Password or Reset Forgotten Acer Admin Password

    Search the title via search engine, u may find it and get helpful suggestions from the tutorial!
  8. ^You do know that is against the forum policies/rules right? Just an fyi because how do we know its his laptop it could be stolen?
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