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About a month ago I spilt pepsi on my laptop and had it sent for repair. I got it back today and it had a new keyboard installed, among other things. But, the new keyboard is not functioning correctly.
A bunch of the keys type nearby letters, instead. E.G typing "a" gives "aq1", "b" gives "bgt". It seems to type the letters vertically above.
Is the new keyboard faulty, or does it need calibrated or something?
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  1. Either the PCB is defective or the repair facility did no work on it.
  2. sounds like they didn't replace the keyboard and just cleaned it or something.
  3. Enigma, what is PCB?

    I have a number to call for the repair place, so I'll be doing that tomorrow.

    Thank god for the on-screen keyboard!
  4. PCB stands for printed circuit board. It's the backbone to alot of computer components, from motherboards to keyboards. If you take your keyboard apart, you'll see a PCB with contacts for each key. I'm suspecting that it is faulty or something is causing nearby keys to be activated when a specific key is pressed.
  5. Ahh. Cheers. It must be something underneath, like you say. I took a few of the faulty keys off earlier to see below, but there's no dirt or dust.

    Honestly, you'd think this would be the first thing they'd check after installing a new keyboard - that the keys work!
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