New budget gaming build. are these arts compatible?

hey guys, been a long time.
anyways so im thinking of a new build since im getting tired with the huge limitation of this pentium 4 1gb ram machine im running now
my main motivation for this build is games, as we,, as a generaly better computer. its a cheap build but i really want to play games like 'total war:shogun 2' and 'fifa 12'. please advise me if my parts are compatible, wether im getting them at a decent price. and if there are any things that will improve performance :) for a little price hike albeit

so far this is the set up

* i5-2500k- 175 GBP

*either a 'MSI P67A GD53' or a 'ASUS P8P61 LE'

* corsair xms3 classis ddr3, 4GB- this is costing 24GBP

*case is anything really, this seems ok and is recommended by a friend -ANTEC 300- 50GBP

*i also have a 9600GT 512ram pci-e card which i can fit in (can this handle those games?)

* im not sure what power supply ill need... i though maybe 500w?

thanks for your time guys, please help!
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  1. You'll want to upgrade your GPU too. Either stretch your budget or get a cheaper CPU.
  2. The MSI board will work. The ASUS board will work too but its an older board. The best board types that will work are the P67 and Z68 (newer). The 2500k processor is unlocked, meaning you can easily overclock it with a P67 board. The processor is Socket 1155, so any motherboard with that specification will work.

    I'm not too sure about that videocard. If you have the money, then go for something like NVIDIA GTX 560. That card should work though, since its PCIe.

    Hope that helps!
  3. wow, do i really need a graphics card that powerful? what if i were to get two cheaper ones and put them in sli/crossfire?
  4. You're planning a 2500K but a 6770 is too much? You need to get your priorities straight if this is to be a gaming computer.
  5. yup, a proccesor lasts longer than a graphics card right?, and right now i dont need the best graphics card money can buy...i need one that can play those games to a decent level. im not a hardcore gamer, i just like to play a couple of games here and there,

    but whats your advice? get a high end i3, with a high end gaming card? then maybe upgrade CPU later?
  6. As I said earlier, if you can't stretch your budget to allocate a better GPU I suggest you get a cheaper CPU and use that money for a better GPU. I wouldn't recommend anything lower than a 6800-series for gaming. Or 460/560 from nVidia.
  7. ok, im posting a new more refined version of this build
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