Forums now showing scroll bars in non-IE

Suddenly, the forums are showing scroll bars - small message windows - next to each post with more than one line. This is happening only in my non-IE browser. Well, I'll admit it, it's Netscape. But usually something like this that happens with Netscape will do similar funky things in other non-IE browsers.

I noticed while reviewing threads in this forum before posting as a new problem, that was mention of a forum s/w update yesterday. If so, it's likely the cause of this.

Rather than try to explain, here are some screen caps of the exact same threads using IE and Netscape. Notice that on each post longer than one line, there's a box/window enclosing it and then a scroll bar to the right. This wouldn't really be a problem but as you scroll down the page using mouse roller, each window/box piece of text moves in its box, making short posts simply vanish as the box seems to always be about 2 lines smaller than the text it encloses. Notice the top post for an example of this. Of course, if you make sure mouse pointer is outside the text area, the box text doesn't scroll, but then the last line of each long post is obscured.

Hope there's an easy fix for this. There are a lot of us out there not using IE. And still lots of programmers who don't take time to test webpages on other browsers!


With Netscape

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  1. I actually saw it as I was loading this page in IE7. It wasn't there for long though. There seem to be alot of layout problems with IE now, but it works fine in Firefox (which is the browser I think the developers are primarly working with). I'm seeing the red buttons up top (links to all the sections of the site) bunched in the top right corner rather than spread across in a line.

  2. I'm seeing RED all over too! The icons you used to be able to put on a thread when you created it are gone from the Full Reply page and all the existing ones are replaced by really ugly RED quote mark icons!

    I'm also finding that my cursor vanishes a lot when making original post or editing it. I can click where I want to type or insert test, but no flashing bar to show where cursor actually is.

    Thanks for reply - guess there's some bugs to be worked out - of course, not before release!
  3. Ok, ignore my previous post, I'm not seeing that bug at home. It might have been the setup of the computers I was using at the time. I only see the scrollbars in IE when a picture is too large to fit the forum width, whereas on Firefox it resizes to fit. I have not seen the cursor disappear on this site except when Firefox had a bug where it would disappear from any text box on any site.

    As for the new icons, I noticed them as well (I was online when the new icons first showed up so a page refresh and suddenly everything was different!). The icon tells you what type of thread it is. Quotes are Discussions, question marks are questions. I haven't seen a poll to see what it is yet. Yellow question marks are solved questions and will also have [Solved] in the thread title. If there's a grey square behind the icon then there are replies, and no grey square means there are no replies. At least this is what it looks like to me.
  4. Hey,

    Can you send me the URL from the post you have taken those screenshots off of?

    As for the red, this new system will be much clearer. Basically, a post can either be a question or a discuss. The icon will reflect that, allowing you to easily see which is which.

  5. Interested in the discussion?

    The screenshot was taken just before I made this thread - and still looks just like that for me.

    I can get used to the Red - and it does make more sense. I don't have the page header problem mentioned by Kitteh, all looks fine at the top of the pages.
  6. Hey,

    When you say Netscape do you mean Firefox?

  7. Nope, real Netscape Navigator. Last version, 9.006, released in 2008. It may be the same as FireFox 4.42 - that's the internal name for the installation file.

    Even though not supported by Netscape anymore, it works perfectly for all pages that aren't written specifically for IE. So that if it won't run on this, normally won't run on Firefox without IE comp. turned on.

  8. Had this problem with FireFox 3.0.xx. Upgrade your browser. Works fine with FireFox 3.5.
  9. Well sure, easy solution, but... I do like Netscape. I have FireFox 353 but never managed to get it to display like my Netscape. Might try again.
  10. Hey,

    I don't believe that is one of the browsers we support.

  11. Well, I can live with it. Just a shame when designers make very browser specific calls in a page when they don't need to.
  12. Everything seems to be working well for me.
    I am using the K Meleon browser which is a Mozilla/Gecko dirivitive.
  13. FIrefox is the evolution of Netscape.
  14. Shadow703793 said:
    Had this problem with FireFox 3.0.xx. Upgrade your browser. Works fine with FireFox 3.5.

    I can confirm this even though it won't help those on Netscape. Just updated my netbook's Firefox version and the scrollbars are gone.
  15. One annoying thing about installing FireFox is it actually modifies my Netscape - which I think is un-called for and unprecedented in software.

    When you install FireFox 3.5, it add files to Netscape to remove the "lock" symbol and replace it with a RED marker - so you never see if you're on a secure site anymore. Clicking on the red marker tells you Netscape isn't being updated with security patches anymore - which is funny because I don't believe Netscape ever released any security patches! It also will pop up a message - while you're browsing - telling you this randomly.

    You can make this nonsense go away, not easily and without instructions, but there's no reason for it. (Netscape never had security updates because Netscape is/was never targeted by hackers the way MSIE is.)

    I can't imagine if Microsoft were to do this when you install something of theirs - the howls would be un-imaginable, and mainly from those type who use FireFox now.
  16. Microsoft adds .NET plugins to Firefox without consent, but it's not quite the same I know.
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