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Help Choose a AMD CPU

I'm going to be building a new gaming rig soon, and was looking at a number of different AMD Phenom II quad core black edition processors. From what I've heard, the 955 black edition is a great choice. However, what I wanted to know is how much better other processors such as the 965 and 970 would perform in games such as Skyrim. Are they worth the extra money, or should I just stick with the 955. I will probably be using a Radeon 6850 with whatever CPU I get.
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  2. +1 960T. Best AMD CPU on the market right now.
  3. Honestly for $100 you can get a FX-4100. It may perform slightly less than 965 (in windows 7) but it does overclock to 4.6 if you desire. Win7 doesn't work efficiently with BD's architecture so we should see a 15-20% improvement in Win8 or possibly a new Win7 service pack.

    You can also get a AM3+ motherboard starting at $55. Throw in 8GB of DDR3-1600 and you got your self a AM3+ quad core ,mobo and 8gb ram for $175-185. Unless your running 2 or more high end video cards, it's going to perform just as well as other more expensive cpu's.
  4. I would even say that the 960T from AMD offers the best bang for buck on the CPU market at the moment, because of its hidden potential.

    The AMD secret.
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  6. thanks for the advice guys, think I'll be getting the 960t, even though I have to say for $100 the fx-4100 is a great deal.
  7. Make sure to get a motherboard with UCC

    it lets you unlock the extra cores
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