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hey im looking to get a new card dew to mine being old/over heating my system is as you can see its got a nvidia gt120 oem card inside this has done me very well as im a wow player and thats what im thinking about when picking a new card i used to run at 50+ FPS on mid settings now lucky if its 20+ my price range is under £60-100max i would love to buy 1 that will run wow on ultra all the way but i think thats out of that price range and my system i only know nvidia but ive seen most saying you can get more from radeon for the same price so this is my question to you guys please help me find a new card that will run in my system and improve my FPS on wow dew to it being a mini tower hp loves to cram loads in so ive always got the side of the pc off to help venting with a desk fan pointing at it atm so heres the cards ive seen AND ALSO a but its 512mb not sure it thats ok nvida website states Take down the competition in the most popular games like World of Warcraft so i looked it up :p
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  1. I'd say go to your favourite online PC store and look up graphics cards. Then select your price range and organize the list from highest priced to lowest. From there, use this as a guide to get the most bang for your buck:,2964.html

    Use the hierarchy or read the bit within your price range. Good luck!
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