Sound Crackling With Multiple Configurations

Hello TH,

I have been experiencing an issue where my sound crackles. It usually occurs when I watch a youtube video un-maximized, or when I am running more than one program (for instance SWTOR + Dota 2) or when I alt tab.

I thought it was my headset. I had a Logitech G930, and at the time that I had it I was running it I had no sound card and on board sound was disabled. I was running on the G930 USB sound card alone.

Now, I have returned the G930, thinking it was defective (they didn't have a replacement for me) and now I hear the same crackling on my placeholder headset. I now have an actual Soundblaster sound card installed, and the onboard sound is again, disabled. It also happened on iPhone head phones.

I FEEL like it might be nVidia's audio drivers that they force you to get with their display drivers. However, when I had the G930, I disabled them and still encountered the problem. I almost feel like it's a CPU problem? Like programs with sound aren't getting enough memory? I don't know. I'm only mildly competent in the field of troubleshooting. I have been gunning at this problem for months, and now I have resigned to ask for help.

Could it be motherboard? I reset it to factory defaults last night and no change.

My computer is:
AMD Phenom II x4 955 Processor 3.2 GHz
nVidia GTX 560ti (EVGA Superclocked edition)
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Fatality some-such
Windows 7 64 Bit
OCZ Solid 3 120GB SSD
Corsair 750W Power Supply

I am losing my mind. Thanks in advance :cry:

::EDIT:: Fun fact, the sound works perfectly in Battlefield 3, and works in Skyrim until after a 2-3 hour session when it starts to crackle.

Also, something that happened with the G930 that led me to further believe it was defective. Sometimes when I would plug the cable into the headset to charge it, it would turn all of my computers' peripherals off. Requiring a restart. The computer would still be on, and the fans would still be running/lit up.
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  1. Did you connect your headphones directly into the sound ports on your motherboard or through speakers?
  2. The old headset was USB. The one right now is plugged directly into the sound card.
  3. I have the exact same headset, exact same problem. I haven't tried any other audio source but now when the computer is busy doing a lot, or something not particularly taxing like streaming video it will crackle.

    Have you found a solution?

    My motherboard is different, running an old nvidia 9600gt. Machine is 4 years old now.
  4. If all else fails try going to the program properties -> compatibilty -> disable desktop composition which forces windows aero to disengage when you run the program. This stopped the popping/crackling from my video card (nVidia 8600M GT).
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