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under WinXP Pro with SP2 (same problems under SP1a) I use the SE headset
HBH-35 and a bluetooth dongle from Epox called BT-DG02A with the Widcomm
File transfer and synchronization with my SE T68i work pretty fine without
any interrupt in the connection, but when I use my the headset the
connection is very unstable. This problem occurs sometimes at the first
connection with the headset or (most times) after a short and non equal
time. The symtomes are:
- Sound comes (although the audio I/O ports under WinXP are switched to
bluetooth by the Widcomm driver) from my soundcard
- the symbol of the Widcomm driver is still green and the headset is still
correctly paired and activated

The problem could be solved by disconnecting the headset by pressing the
connection button and -after a short time- reconnecting it, but as you can
imagine this is not very comfortable when you are using the headset for
voice chatting.

With my SE T68i the headset works perfect (tried for at least 70 minutes

Can someone help me by posting a possible solution? I would be very grateful

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.bluetooth (More info?)

    Hello again,

    since I did not found any solution till yet, here some facts that I found
    out after I made some tests. Under WinXP SP1a (fresh installed) the
    connection hangs after more or less 30 minutes which is not really a
    problem, since I do not want to talk some hours ;-) Till yet I was not able
    to find a application that could be responsible for this fact.
    Under WinXP SP2 (fresh installed, too) this problem occurs everytime I open
    any new Window (most tested with Internet Explorer, but works when I open
    Windows-Explorer or another window, too). Maybe this fact could help
    somebody to find a solution for my problem?!

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