Hello,What is the best wired router with at least 1000 mbps speed and where is the best place to get one? Thank you. Anthony
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  1. I like the Linksys E2000
  2. Emerald said:
    I like the Linksys E2000

    But isn't that a wireless router? I need a wired router. Do you know a wired one? Thank you.
  3. all you have to do is disable the wireless on the E2000.

    D-Link DGL-4100 is wired only and received good ratings on Newegg.
  4. Thank you. I did not know you could disable it. I found something named Cisco-Linksys EG008W Gigabit 8-Port Workgroup Switch. Is that in the same ball park or would one of the ones you listed be better?
  5. I thought you were looking for a router? the EG008W is a switch.

    Router allows you to share the internet and network.
    Switch will only share network. It will allow internet when connected to a router.
  6. That is true. So I need a router. thank you.
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