Fx-4100 vs fx-6100

Which one of these 2 performs better in games?
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  1. Linguo_bastardo said:
    Which one of these 2 performs better in games?

    let me beat the Intelanauts to the punch , i2500 , there I said it
  2. Intel processors are the best for gaming now. D:

    I'm an AMD fan but Intel is better for gaming now CURRENTLY! XDDDD

    I have i7-2600k its good for video editing/games/etc!

    Love it!
  3. They both perform worse than their last generation of CPU's. Wait for the win 7 patch to roll in, which will be in like 3 days. I doubt it will increase the performance to where they will be better than the last generation, but there is always hope. Anyways, if you are dead set on a new AMD processor, wait for piledriver, that's what i'm waiting for.
  4. If you have to get an amd processor I suggest either overclock or find a phenom, but if not get an i3-2100.
  5. Is i3-2100 really good enough to beat AMD's quad core CPUs ( Phenom II x4 960t and both of these bulldozers he listed )? And will 2 cores be enough for gaming in 2012?
  6. Quote:
    if wanting to go with or stay with AMD then with an AM3+ motherboard stay with a 965BE or 980BE.
    do not go for the FX-Bulldozer chips.....
    the Phenom II's might still cost a few dollars more but it's worth it.

    alternative option:

    Ok... I can't really find these phenoms in Serbia anymore, so they probably aren't an option ( and they're also more expensive than fx-4100 ). Is i3 ok for gaming in 2012 ( after which i'll upgrade )?
  7. Gr8. Thanks.
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