URGENT HELP PLS! PC Crashes when playing games, etc.

Hello guys. I'm not sure if I should post on the CPU section although I think it's also related to motherboard. Anyways, please feel free to move this thread to where it belongs.

Here's my story: I have an i5-3750K CPU on an AsRock Z77 Extreme 4 Mobo. I had several OC attempts 2 weeks ago (which resulted to crash/BSOD). All are just conservative attemps like 3.8 - 4.2 GHz. I never tried to reach 4.3GHz nor attempted to go beyond 1.3V core voltage. I have a Noctua NH-D14 by the way and I closely monitored my CPU temps (never reached beyond 70 degrees in RealTemp). In short, I'm sure I didn't over-abused my CPU. And everytime I have a have a failed overclock attempt I just reboot and go back to UEFI default. I left for vacation for 9 days, PC was power off (with BIOS on UEFI default). I just came back last night to play some games. This is where the nightmare started...

I ran onto these:

1. PC won't boot up. The chassis fans are working and the lighted LED are the only indication that there is power running the PC. I tried pressing the "Clear CMOs button" and unplugged the PC from the AC outlet. After a few minutes, I was able to make the PC boot to Windows. Booting problem solved but I'm still wondering why the hell did it happened.

2. Fan is not working. My Noctua NH-D14 is connected to a single CPU fan power port (3 pin) via Y-splitter. Each fan has an ULNA cable and I'm sure I connected the correct ULNA cable (black and blue) to the respective fan. Whenever I power on the PC, the Noctua fan just "jerk" for less than a second then after that nothing.

3. Biggest headache: PC crashed everytime I play games. At first it will run but after a minute or 2 the screen will just go blank. a "No DVI signal" message wil appear on the monitor as if you did not connected it in the PC's video card. I already tried disconnecting the monitor from the GPU and connected it to the Mobo onboard video port but still nothing. I've tried it 6 times in 3 different games: BF3, World of Tanks, and Diablo 3 and getting the same results which probably mean its not a issue on software application. I've tried resetting and System Restoring. Still no good result. I really don't care about OC'ing as long I can play games reliably.

By the way, here's the rest of my PC: GPU=Sapphire HD7970 OC Edition, Case=CM Storm Trooper, 750-Watt "silver-rated" power supply, G.skill memory cards, ASUS monitor, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, monitor = Asus. AMD catalyst driver is up-to-date. Windows 7 is also up-to-date, and I'm using Windows Security Essentials so I'm definitely sure I don't get BSOD from those stupid Windows 7 compatibility issues with third-party anti-virus and internet protections.

I hope these infos are enough to determine what exactly is going on my rig. All your help will be highly appreciated 'coz I dont want to try something else that might end up worsening my PC's current situation.
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