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I am the owner of an Asus g51vx-rx05 and I bought it from Best Buy about two years ago. I have had a question about the possible upgrades I could get with this laptop. I know it wont support a quad core processor. However, I heard that the 2.0 ghz P7350 can bottle neck the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M is this true? And basically I want to know if I can upgrade the RAM or Graphics Card on this guy. If I cant upgrade the graphics card would upgrading the processor be worth it for gaming. I am very curious because I am looking forward to Diablo 3 and SWTOR Online and I would like to run these games as best as possible all advice is accepted. THanks in advance. Just to be clear I would like help on any upgrades that could improve the performace of my laptop.

Laptop specs are
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  1. Problems with laptops is their upgrade ability. Ram no problem, GPU's are not sold in retail and you are not even going to find anything better than GTX260m on the used market without spending a lot of money.
    Apart from installing extra ram I would leave the laptop as is it is better than most because of the current GPU.
  2. I'm going to guess you have the Bestbuy version since you stated your Asus g51vx-rx05 will not accept a quad core CPU.

    The RAM cannot be upgraded to more than 4GB, that seems to be the limit for this laptop.

    Not sure if the video card can be upgraded. You will need to contact Asus about that. However, that's the easy part. There more difficult part is finding a laptop video card since they are not sold to the general public. They are only sold on to system builders, but perhaps you can find a faster card on eBay.
  3. To improve overall performance a little bit, you can replace the hard drive with a SSD.
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