PC won't boot - Asus motherboard LEDS are flashing

I have a pc with an ASUS P6T motherboard that is connected to an UPS battery.
Yesterday I had a general power failure in my flat and since that my PC won’t boot up.
The Reset and Power LEDS inside the motherboard are flashing rapidly.
I disconnect the PC from the UPS and connected it directly to the wall power socket didn’t helped.
I reset the BIOS by removing the battery and changing the jumper as well and it didn’t helped.
(PSU Fan is not working)
I removed all parts connected to the motherboard & PSU such as memory, USB’s, HDD power cables & SATA, graphic card, etc… and it still won’t boot.
I took out the PSU and tested it with a multi-meter device while it’s disconnected from the motherboard and the PSU seems to be healthy (good and accurate power supply in all connectors pins)
But when I connect it to the motherboard the PSU is not working.
Does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem? What to do?
Thanks in advanced,

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  1. Refer to this video.


    If you see the PSU fan spinning after this you're good. If not, you're PSU is most likely faulty. If it's still under warranty send it back ASAP.
  2. Just solved the issue by replacing a PSU, the problematic PSU was tested with a multi-meter and seems to be healthy but when was connected to the mobo didn't powered up... it's strange, but a new PSU fixed it all !
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