Help with Christmas build! $800 - $900

Please help me out guys with this Christmas Build!

Parts I dont need/Already have: Monitor, Speakers, Mouse, and Keyboard.

Parts I Chose to buy from: Newegg (but I will check out any other sites!)

Budget: $800 - $900

What I want this build for: Well, Many things gaming (BF3, Crysis, Red Alert 3, Etc.), 3D Modeling in blender, Removing/Adding/Downloading TONS of files, 1080p Streaming (Defiant), and Recording games.

Parts I think will work (Please say your opinion as Im not good at picking parts!!!!!)

The Case


The Hardrive


The Motherboard


Wireless n Adapter (For Gaming)


The Powersupply




The Processor


Windows 7 Home Premium (OEM)


The Optical Drive


The Graphics Card :)



Will this be even able to play games?

This I really want you guys to check out is the Wireless adapter, Please tell me if it will be good with an Airport Extreme during games.

The total for me comes out to: $932.90 With no shipping costs.
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  1. For starters, your HDD is way to small for downloading "TONS" of files. Also Bulldozer is supposed to be out between the 12th and the 17th, so you'll want to redo your CPU/motherboard pick at that time. (And either way for gaming go with the x4, not the x6)

    Thats not a brand of wireless NIC I've used, so I can't comment there besides the general statement of go wired. :P
  2. ^ As said, wait for Bulldozer.

    That wireless adapter virtually makes no difference. Go with either Ethernet cable or just a cheaper wireless adapter.
  3. Ok thanks! But I think i will expand my budget to $1000 (MAX)
  4. The graphics card is a bad deal. I saw on Tiger Direct yesterday the same card for $250 with Dirt 3, Total War, and DuEX: human revolution all included. Take your time looking for just the right parts. You have plenty of time to do so.
  5. ^ I don't really like Tiger, but if that's the case good deal.

    Alright with the $1000 budget, you could check out my $850 build here:

    When Bulldozer comes, I'll probably add that into the guide. But as for now, that'd be the $850 build I suggest.
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