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Hey everyone,


AMD 1090T
MSI 890FX- GD65
8gb of patriot memory
(2) 1 TB WD 7200rpm in raid 0
XFX 6870
OCZ Fataliy 750W power supply

I cannot after more than a month get my third RMA'd video card to work... This is the third card ive got from XFX and the previous two even though i sent them back were confirmed to be ok. I took it to a pc repair place and they said it was some issue with the pci 2.1 card in a 2.0 slot on the previous mother board i had which was a ASUS m488TD-V EVO/USB3. They said get a diff. video card (2.0) or a newer mother board which i did. I have updated the bios to MSI websites most recent and still cannot get video output. I put a cheapy card into computer to get it going and get windows installed but when i put in the 6870 i get nothing!!!

Power supply is good, tried both pci slots, and nothing any help is appreciated!!!
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  1. "they said it was some issue with the pci 2.1 card in a 2.0 slot on the previous mother board" <----- sounds like nonsense. I've never heard of problems with a 2.1 in a 2.0 slot. Maybe a 2.1 in 1.0 slot...
    Sounds like you've received a 3rd bad card from XFX (or they keep sending you the same one?)
  2. well i would agree except that the two previous cards i sent back were tested and were fine...
  3. Is the card you have in your system now 2.1?
  4. yup. XFX radeon 6870HD
  5. That's the one that isn't working?
    What's the "cheapy card?"
  6. geforce 8400GS i think
  7. So a PCIe 2.0 x16 card.
    I'm just finding it hard not to think that with a new mobo and a 750W PSU that there isn't something wrong with the 6870 itself.
    There's just no reason that a 2.1 wouldn't work in a 2.0 slot.
    When there's nothing wrong with the slot... or PSU... or mobo.
    I think they've been sending you back the same XFX card...
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