6790 radeon on a slightly older rig

I'm deciding to go with a 6790 radeon. But I might have to apply it to an older pc. So far I know its a 3 year old gateway, and its cpu is an intel dual core 3.0ghz. Could be pentium D or celeron. The memory will be 4 gb and the power supply is 580w.

My question is, will my graphics card run okay with such an older model and dated cpu?

Would I still be able to play WoW, GTA IV, Dragon age, and 1080I movies? Ad will there be a heat problems and also would the 6790 affect my computers lifespan?

Is there going to be a major bottleneck? And the OS is windows 7 64bit
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  1. If it is a pentium D then most likely your board has version 1.x PCIe slot, most newer AMD(ATI) cards are version 2.1 and have had no video issues with older boards.
    That card is way to powerful for a pentium D to keep up.
  2. So what'll happen when I use it the 6790?
  3. Bottleneck issues of course (major one), as you had asked in your question.
    If you get the HD 6790 and put it in a Pentium D system, what will happen is that the card won't be at it's full potential. It will be only using about half of it's total performance that can be delivered. Your better off building another rig. The PSU and the RAM is okay.
  4. my budget went from 550, to 410-450. So Any ideas on an affordable rig that can handle that gpu?
  5. 410-450 dollars ?
    If so, then you can check out Toms' System Builders marathon for a 500$ dollar build.

    You've got a 580 W PSU and 4 GB RAM. What's the brand of that PSU and which DDR is that RAM ? DDR1,2 or 3 ?
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