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I have to connect two buildings to make one network. Each building has it's own internet connection, along with a SonicWall device for filtering. They were connected at one point using two EnGenius Bridge/AP devices. They were both replaced and now I can not get the buildings to communicate. Each building has it's own server and are on the same domain. They were able to share file's. I only want the two networks to talk to each other, keeping there own internet connection.
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  1. Look into VPN
  2. Call in a consultant! If they were on the same domain and can no longer communicate, you're going to have bigger issues than forming a bridge.
  3. The two domains are out of sync so I will have to rebuild one of them. I just need to get the two networks seeing each other as one.
  4. Configure each wireless device to bridge. Look up the manual on the APs to see if it is an easy fix. You may need to contact the person/company who configured it.

    Basically you're looking to Bridge.
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