Multiple adsl account connections (bridge mode)

Hi All

I have a adsl modem (D-Link) and wireless router (Gigabyte GN-BRO1G)

I use the Wireless only for my iphone. I want to manually dial up the account to be used. With my ADSL router alone, i had it setup for bridge mode. And then created the connections on my desktop. So if i wanted to use local accounts i would dial up with that. or international the same. But now with the wireless, it only has one pppoe section where i can store only one adsl account. is there a way to get it to work with my dial up connection on the desktop. I want to dial up and whichever account is active must be on the wireless too? :bounce:

I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and d-link modem 401, and using pppoe account, with DHCP enabled.

Thank you
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  1. if I under stand it right, you are trying to use the DSL phone line to do phone calls or send faxes via your modem in your computer?

    DSL uses a Digital signal, and a telephone or fax uses a Analog signal which both can coexist side by side. All you need is a DSL-filter on the phone line.

    it connects to the phone jack at the wall, and it has two out puts. Then one phone line connects to the DSL modem, and the other connects to the phone modem. This will allow you to connect to the internet while making phone calls.
  2. Hi Emerald

    no, i have 2 dial up accounts and on my normal modem set to bridge mode i can create a dial up account on my desktop and choose which pop account to use. For example I have 2 adsl accounts one is for local traffic and other international, now that i have a wireless router, i can only use one account at a time.

    sorry for the misunderstanding, dont know really how to explain this.

  3. What do you mean by "one is for local traffic and other international"? Who is your ISP?
  4. Hi,

    Ok I am using a adsl modem and wireless router. I have 2 adsl accounts. How do I setup my wireless router to accept multiple dial ups?

    in the Wan configuration on my wifi router it only gives me pppoe, and one username and password for one dial up. Before this i used double click the several pop accounts and choose which i wanted to use.

    The provider is not the issue, can i use multiple adsl accounts at once on a wireless router? that is the question.

    Thank you

  5. No, you can't use multiple adsl accounts at once on a wireless router.
  6. Hi All,

    A company in my city, solved this for me. They recommeded I get a all-in-one D-Link DSL-G604T-GenII Wireless G ADSL2/2+ Router with 4-Port 10/100Mbps Switch

    It has brigdemode setup and will allow me to use manual dial ups , so that i can choose which account i want to use.

    Thanks for your help guys, sorry if i didnt explain myself correctly.

    Miliano :bounce:
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