PC wont POST........at all

I have been building PC's for a while now and have never been this stumped for this long. no matter what i do the PC wont POST at all. i have changed power supplies, GPU, CPU , RAm you name it , i have tried to change it and it still wont post. I got lucky once and built it outside the case and it Posted twice randomly after desperately pressing and holding the Power button. thought it could be the screws and i changed both the screws and the MO mounting screws as well....please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. I guess you got a bad motherboard. Are you having any signs like randomly starting. Maybe even lack of power to the USB ports. If there is anything unusual that is happening tell us. That will help.
  2. go back to your manual and check the way the ram is set up. you may have the ram set in the wrong sockets. instead of 1 and 3 you may have to use socket 0 ans 2 or vise versa.
    mack sure the motherboard isnt shorting on the case and all the power leads are in the rite sockets... also that the bios jumper isnt wrongly connected...
    also check all the case leads that attach to the motherboard are correctly placed and working
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