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I've rma to msi 3 times already the first rma was a 785 gtm-e45 the problem was the mosfests blown on me. K they replaced it with a 785 gt e63 and it died bios flash.. i rma 785 gt e63 they replaced with 785g e53. it died. am getting ready to ship the 785g e53 back to msi i paid 10$ with my credit card for the price difference between the msi 890gxm-g65 i ask them to replace it with. before i ship it bakc is there anything i can do i try everything to fix this mobo 785g e53 swap powersupplies swap ram swap harddrives everything except cpu. my specs is
psu: coolmax 600watt
ram: g skill ripjaws x 1.5 volt cas9 1600 2x4gb 8gb
cpu: amd phenom II 960T
OS: windows 7

i aint too long got the 785g e53 i aint even used it for 2 days untill it blown i had over 2 weeks aint been able to use cause i didnt have ddr3 ram to put in cause i had ddr2. see i upgraded form ddr2 from the previous motherboards. i talked to donald from msi the guy who's hard to understand. i ask told him i would like to upgrade from ddr2 to ddr3 so he shiped the 785g e53.

well anyway please help me fix this mobo
see what happen is i was updating with windows update it got to the 10 update out of 11 and then the computer just flipped off on me, K I turned on an no video just 4 leds on my mobo active phase switching no northbridge led not showing on. so i reset cmos. and still nothing just 4 leds no north bridge led. Ok i then swapped the parts the ram the psu and still nothing. so i took the heatsink off cpu to see if its getting hot and u no what it wasn't :fou: an antoher thing am notgetting a light on my case power switch but i can still turn on with button ad yes i got it connected right. so what i did was switch it out with a old dell mobo and plug power switch connecter to mobo and the led work. so it has to be the mobo or (cpu hope not) so what can i do please help anyways it go's am going be ok with it being replaced with a 890gxm g65 which is good and better i hope.. Qustion on 890gxm is it good and reliable and stable and good for unlock 960T to a 5 core?????. so if theres anyhing i can do to fix the 785g e53 please tell me. cause i did all i can. i dont see anything burned on the mobo bye the way.
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  1. reseat the processor make sure you have it pushed into the socket all the way. matching the triangle on the socket with the processor make sure there are not any bent pins clean and re apply the thermal paste and then boot up... after 3 motherboards i would consider that processor may have something wrong with it.. unless your just trying for an unreasonable over clock..
  2. I did do that am not stupid been building pc's awhile everthing is connected correctly the cpu power connecter everything the power supply is not the problem the cords are fine its not the ram
  3. Do you have a dedicated GPU?
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