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Hi im having problems altering the cpu fan speed in my antec fusion htpc.The cpu fan is constantly running at 2100rpm the motherboard & cpu temps are under 26c.I've tried using fan expert+ but that does nothing.I've also gone into the bios and change the plan to power saving mode still nothing any ideas?
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  1. Go into BIOS under monitor and make sure CPU Temperature (enabled), CPU/Chassis 1/3 Fan Speed (Enabled), CPU Q-Fan Control (Enabled), CPU Fan Speed Low Limit (standarf) or (Silent) save settings and exit.
  2. The settings are like that in the Bios.Even tried changing power mode via windows 7 still no luck fan stays at the same speed
  3. In Fan Expert+ where it says test your fan speed test from 0% - 100% it stays around 2100-2173rpm
  4. I do not even use Fan Expert I let the BIOS take care of the fan control, can you closeout Fan Expert and see if your cpu fan speed slows down?
  5. Does it matter that I'm using a 3 pin CPU fan also the antec fans are powered by cables straight into the psu? Should I still be able to control them? The antec fans have 3 speed settings which I can front via a switch outside the case.

    I'll try and uninstall fan expert+ later

    It's just the CPU fan that's bugging me I've a scythe ninja mini so I might be able to get away without the fan and use the noctua fans I've just ordered? Also ordered a 80mm fan to attach to the scythe tower to replace the 120mm
  6. You need a four pin fan a.k.a., a ( pulse width modulation fan) for the cpu! The orignal cpu cooler you would have been able to control. Don't bother uinstalling Fan Expert you just answered my question!
  7. I had a sneaky suspicion it was because they were 3 pin fans.The Noctua fans should be ok as they are 3 or 4 pin
  8. Thanks order cancelled just in time!! I'll have to have a look at the other fans available as that noctua fan is 22.4dba I want the quietest ones available
  9. Looks like i couldn't cancel the orders just been shipped ive had a look on the Noctua website and they look like they can be controlled??
  10. Looking at it again it looks like i have just 3 cables to attach the change the speed.I'll give it a try on the ultra low setting 6dba's and that should be a massive improvement to the antec ones ive got already
  11. These are PWM fans 120mm,, these are the ones you should be looking at, or just get a new cpu cooler for your processor that already has the pwm fan on it, like a coolermaster hyper212evo.
  12. I had this same problem. Mine occured when I updated to 1406 bios for the (p8z77-vpro) and then two days later I wanted to downgrade to 1205 bios and they took 1406 down. A month later I updated to 1506 still with no luck on the problem and then I downloaded the new updates to the utilities (fan xpert 2, etc etc) and that fixed the problem.
  13. Since I've installed the noctua fans it's virtually silent temps have gone up to 27c I'm happy with that.
  14. Glad problem is solved!
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