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Hi all, I just built a new computer with an intel i5 2500k. Turned on the computer and everything was running well. Then I loaded speed fan and I saw that my CPU was idling at 55C?!?! This seems very hot to me. I am using the stock fan, but it does not seem like it should be idling this hot. Furthermore, my Core 0 temp is 56C at idle. Does it have to break in?

Also, by AMD 5970 is idling at 59C!?!?

What is going on here, I'm confused!
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  1. 5970 temps are perfectly fine, but is the cooler mounted on properly and is case airflow good? Also try a different software such as hw monitor.
  2. Try to reinstall cpu cooler. The cpu temps on idle are high. Try to improve your case airflow because 5970 on idle at 59C is not normal.I have 61-63 C when im playing.
  3. the push pin cooler is really easy to do wrong, each pin must be pushed fully through, it can take a lot of force, and each pin should be solid and imoveable afterwards.
  4. I checked it this morning and I failed to push the pins in far enough. Under full load with Prime95 I am at 45C is this a good temperature? My core0 is still pretty high at 62C.

    Also, I do have a Coolermaster Hyper212. Installing it would mean disassembling everything because I need to put the support brackets behind the motherboard. Is it necessary to go through all this if I am getting the above temps or should the CPU be fine if I don't overclock.
  5. If your load temp is 45C then your fine.
  6. Is it ok that my core0 is at 62C? I'm not quite sure what that means.
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