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I am have having a gaming pc built with the gtx 460 se 1gb (non superclocked version) and I am told not to over clock my pc. and with my knowledge, I won't.

I will have the raptor 10,000rpm 300gig hdd, 8 gigs ddr2 from my old pc, 500watt psu, am2/am3 board and a phenom quad core from my 4 year old HP pc, pretty sure 2.39ghz. The people at the computer place said my processor is fine for what I will have to pay / performance for upgrade and the new mobo they are putting in supports my older processor while allowing me to upgrade in the future. NZXT Steel Series Case. -- I have had bad luck with HDD's frying and I read about people installing a fan to blow directly on the HDD (should i do this? what size fan? I will gladly pay for this option if it's a smart decision ) (Please let me know if these specs are bad. I have only put half down on the pc and can change my mind on parts, within a 4 days before they put it together.)

My question is..I have looked at the benchmarks for the gtx 460 se 1gb and it's always at the end of the spectrum, whereas the gtx 560 ti 1gb seems like it could last me a a bit longer. Should I pay 100$ more for the 560 ti gpu or will the 460 se 1gb be plenty for bf3/future games at high(playable/competitive) settings? I need to know fast because they have already ordered my parts and I need to let them know if I decide to change my gpu asap.

**I understand the final specs haven't been released for BF3, but I'm sure some of you tech savvy guys can guess what will be necessary. If BFBC2 runs at 30fps on the gtx 460 se 1gb, I am pretty sure I will be in regret when BF3 launches with the same card?

Thanks a lot and any help is appreciated!
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  1. I'd buy a 560 ti from newegg.
    I'd actually buy everything online.
    I would never suggest anyone buy from a computer shop.
    May as well go to Best Buy.
    Are you completely set on not building your own?
    It isn't difficult and you'd save a lot of money.
  2. All of the new parts were purchased by the computer store were from newegg and they salvaged parts they deemed fit from my old pc. They only charged me 180$ for labor. The store is highly regarded in my town.

    So you think I should pay the extra 100 and get the 560 ti? Why is this?

    Do you have any thoughts on whether I should have them install a fan pointing directly at my HDD?

    Thank you in advance.
  3. Ahh okay. Not terribly bad.
    Could have done it yourself in 30mins for $0 though ;)

    Well, are you wanting to get a card that's going to be a little bit more future proof?
    Asking about BFBC3, Id say yes.
    Which is why I'd get the 560 ti.
    Take a look at this.

    And I'd recommend these 560 ti's:

    If you're wanting to play BC3 at max and future proof, 560 ti is gonna be the way to go (can't imagine it needing anything more than that).

    And with the case you're getting, I think airflow will be fine. So I don't think you'd need to pay extra for hdd fans. But if it makes you feel comfortable...
  4. Really appreciate it! I have heard EVGA is the best when it comes to cards. Could you enlighten me on that topic?
  5. No problem!
    It's really personal preference anymore.
    EVGA has tons and tons of "fanboys."
    ASUS and MSI are known to produce great products.
    Both brands have always impressed me.
    EVGA has always been eh for me. Nothing they've done has ever really impressed me.
    Don't get me wrong, they too make great cards. But for money:quality, I'd go ASUS or MSI.
    Oh side note, both models have twin fans which is also nice.

    In all honesty, you can't really put one down over the others.
    But like I said, money:quality, ASUS & MSI win.
  6. Nice. So they are all the same card, but the one has two fans? I have never understood why multiple companies are building the same card???? Now tell me whether I should grab the ASUS or MSI, haha.
  7. Each company "tweaks" their cards to their liking. In some rare cases giving one model a nice advantage over the others. But anymore those advantages are less and less common.
    I'd get the MSI Twin Frozr. $225 after MIR, really efficient cooler on it.

    Oh, don't be afraid to overclock either! :D
    You can get plenty of help at Tom's with all of that stuff.
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