Network worries...

I have two computers, at home. Networked. I don't know a great deal about networking. Both computers are running windows 98SE.
Thhe Problem is with one of them, whenever I try to start network games (unreal tournament, baldurs gate, anything!)
I get errors along the lines of -
"winsock: could not open socket"
"socket error"
etc. They were working fine before, but something has gone wrong somewhere. Any ideas?
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  1. What networking protocols do you have installed? If you don't have IPX or TCP/IP (whichever is needed for the game), you won't be able to play it.
    That could be the problem, but it's very possibly something else.

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  2. I have 'TCP/IP' and 'File and printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks'.
  3. Baldur's Gate might use IPX (anyone know?), so try installing that protocol.

    Right click on Network Neighborhood-->Properties
    Click on the "Add" button, go to protocol, choose IPX/SPX, and away you go.

    My Athlon can beat your Ferrari off the line.
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