Aero desktop score a lot lower than gaming score?

Hey Everyone, I just installed Win 7 on my dell studio 15 that has a Radeon mobile 3450 in it. My gaming score is 5.2 but my aero desktop score is a piddly 3.9! Here are all the scores:

Processor: 6.0
Memory: 5.9
Graphics (aero): 3.9
Graphics (game): 5.2
Hard Drive: 5.5

That doesn't make sense. How can my system be better suited for gaming than simple desktop use?
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    my 4870 is the same, i wouldnt worry too much about it.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. It's just weird. Ah well.
  3. My 4870 (with 1GB) gets 6.8 for both graphics scores.

    I suspect that there is something else being measured than pure GPU performance. For example, if you have onboard graphics, it may calculate Aero based on that since it would require less power to run from there.
  4. I got that score higher
    Gaming graphic = 6.4
    windows aero, transparency on = 4.2
    windows 7 basic = 4.4
    Windows clasic = 5.6
    so just by changing the apearance it gives a boost of 1.4 visuall effects didn't change anything.
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