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I have a problem with W7 Ultimate. Certain apps occasionally won't start up properly. For example my source file editor (UEStudio) has just failed to start up correctly. iTunes does the same (I've gone back to iTunes V8.2.1 in an attempt to correct this, but it still seems to happen though perhaps less often). If I look at the Task Manager, I can see the application in the Processes list, but I can't end the process, it just ignores my request.

And sure as anything, when I want to shutdown the machine, I get stuck at the 'Logging off' screen, and have to press the reset button! If I haven't had an app fail on startup, then it closes down fine. I guess the app is waiting for something before displaying its window, but I don't know how to find out what,or what I can do about it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. what board, processor and Ram. I feel the ram is struggling.

    can you do a prime95 test on those rams. i feel the system will freeze or error out.

    once u isolate i think u can apply some bios changes to enable better stable system.

    temp solution is to go to bios, increase RAM voltage and see if that helps.

    u can increase upto 2.00 Volts easilly. just do it once nd if you are scared about burning the board u can revert back immediately.
  2. My feeling is that this is a software issue, but I'm running Prime95 as I type this. And it is showing no signs of locking up. Prime95 is not a program I've come across before, but I just started it up as a stress tester, testing all 8 cores.

    I'm running on a Intel Core i7 920 processor overclocked up to 3.4Ghz - D0 stepping, with 6Gb DDR3 133MHz RAM on an Asus P6T SE Motherboard.
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