How do I get my computer hooked up to my internet?

I have a computer that was working fine going online...but since I put Window 7 on it, all of a sudden I can't get it to connect to the internet. How do I get it to connect again? Please help.. thanks!
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  1. Load the network drivers. That or input the wireless password.
  2. How do I find the password if I did not save it anywhere that I can find? How can I get it again? Would it be on my main computer?
  3. If you are trying to connect to the internet via your wireless network, then you should first attempt to connect to your router and see if you can locate the security code. To connect to the router, open a browser and enter either or (your router's documentation should provide you with the correct IP address). To connect to this page, you will also need a user id and password. If you did not change the defaults, these should also be in your router's documentation. If you did change the defaults, you're probably looking at a complete reset (back to default settings) and rebuild of your wireless router/network (should also be covered in your documentation).

    If your system is wired directly to a router, then you need to download and install the Windows 7 LAN drivers for your network card/motherboard (as 4745454b states).

    -Wolf sends
  4. Is it asking for a password? If so have you tried it just blank? What kind of router do you have?
  5. Honestly we have no idea whats wrong. All you've said is you can't go online. Some details would REALLY help.
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