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How to install a quadro (Cuda GPU)

Im trying to do 3d modeling, sadly my somputer sucks and cant run anything, since i was already planing on getting a new PC i decided i might as well make it work for gaming and working, so i went and looked for a company to build a PC for me, i stumbled upon VelocityMicro,
( is the one i will be referencing, though i cant afford it)
the only odd thing i saw was the "PCX Video card" and then the "Fermi GPUs"
how do you have the 2 different cards running together, how do you use a CUDA gpu as CUDA gpu? is it a driver or do you just stick it in and go fiddle with your PC in the corrner, also, they dont provide any good graphics cards for the PCX, just a bunch of overpriced , could i put a GeForce in there instead?
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  1. Why don't you build your own?
    Order your own parts etc.
    Save money and probably get much better components.

    CUDA is a part of Nvidia cards, it's not exactly a piece of hardware.

    Also, followed your link. Probably one of the most overpriced PCs I've ever seen!

    Other than that, I don't really know what your question is...
  2. my question is how the hell do you set it up?? is there a driver that you need to use a card as a cuda card, or does it work off the standard driver, there were 5 drivers for a quadro 6000 (not buying one)
    and yes, i know that was one hell of an over priced computer, i want to build my own, but i dont understand how i build one with CUDA GPUs
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    Read this:
    CUDA isn't a tangible thing. There is no "installing" it.
    It's a part of the card.
    You would install the proper drivers for your GPU, that's it.

    "How do you set it up?" You plug it into the PCIe x16 slot, then plug either one or two 4/6/8 pin power supply cable(s) into it.
    CUDA is a technology. It would be the same as building a rig with any other GPU.
  4. WOW I thought macs were expensive until I saw this.
  5. Quadro is the professional OpenGL oriented series of graphics cards of Nvidia. You use them pretty much as any other. You may also use some specialized drivers for some programs, like 3ds max, for better performance.
    CUDA is something like a language, instruction set - a way of making this hardware to do multipurpose calculations on the graphics processor. If the hardware is able to perform these instructions /and the driver enables their usage/ there also should be software who use them. So after this instruction set is present it's kind of programer's job to utilize them.
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