Best cooler for AMD FX 8150

so, im gonna buy a AMD FX 8150 and i just want to know which cpu cooler will be the best: water cooling or fan.... budget=$35-$80

i might be over clocking so i want the cpu to be cool.

please give me link to product
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  1. Do you already have the board? I would never get the fx 8150...anyways what do you prefer? Heatsink, liquid cooling etc?

    For 90 dollars you can get a corsair H80
  2. Since using these ive never bought any other cooler, they are truly amazing.

    Be Quiet! Dark Rock PRO BK016 CPU Cooler Socket LGA775/1155 /1156/ 1366 /AM2/ AM2+/ AM3/ 754/ 940

    High-end CPU Cooler for the toughest demands
    The Dark Rock C1 range of coolers is designed for the enthusiastic PC user who expects a great deal from their computer: performance, reliability and a very quiet operation.

    The be quiet! Dark Rock PROC1 combines maximum cooling efficiency with a pleasantly quiet operation. With an extremely low noise level, efficient cooling is provided for gaming, multimedia and CAD systems even at maximum processing power. This CPU cooler is enhanced by the high-quality materials used, as well as its attractive design.

    Extremely efficient
    • The seven three-dimensional moulded heat pipes work rapidly to transport the heat with the help of an oxygen-free copper layer (OFC) to the optimum point within the cooling lamellas.
    • The double-tower layout with seven heat pipes enables the best heat dissipation from every single cooling lamella.

    Nice and quiet
    • Two 120-mm SilentWings PWM fans guarantee the best ratio of cooling efficiency to noise level.
    • The wave-shaped contour of the cooling lamellas prevents noises and optimises the airflow.

    High-quality materials
    • The fan surfaces are coated in dark nickel.
    • The brushed, fully aluminium cover connects the fan to a closed unit.
    • The stable backplate ensures a shockproof attachment, even when transporting the computer.

    Approx Fan Speed: 1700 rpm Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 mm
    Fan Airflow: 93.3 CFM Heatsink Dimensions: 150 x 166 x 133 mm (WxHxD)
    Sound Level: 25.9 dB
  3. in my back up rig i have the FX-8150 and it had the dark pro above and it got hotter than hell in my room, i turn over and went to another H80 to which i have in my main rig and the temps went down my 10c on desktop and gaming about 15/18C.

    anybody witha chip like that should have it on a closed loop H80 or above and those saying use Air are complete tools and need to get a grip on themself's.

    if you go to the ROG asus forums lists of best coolers plus temps and pics and such like including my 3 rigs all on H80 coolers will see they are the best and my chips are the 1090T X6 FX-8150 both from AMD and the new Intel 3930K all chips running at 25/30c desktop and clocked to over 4.4Ghz or 5Ghz on the intel and in games like BF3 on Eyfinity max of 45C on ultra on a res of 5760x1200.
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