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I recently upgraded my dads processor, here are the specs (OEM eMachines)

Pentium 4 631 ---------> Upgraded to Pentium D 950
Intel D102GGC2 Motherboard
1 x 2 GB Ram (667 MHz)
300W stock PSU
IDE 160 GB 7200 rpm

Here is my problem, the CPU is running and the drivers are installed and everything is fine except for the fact that the OS only boots with SW Single Processor Mode enabled. When I disabled it, unlocking the CPU to it's full potential, the OS doesn't boot and I can't even boot in Safe Mode.

I initially though that the problem was lack of power, so I installed a 485W PSU out of my mother's computer. Hoping it would resolve the issue and lead me to get a better PSU, it did not solve the problem.

I need help, is there something else that needs to be done when upgrading from single core to a dual core??
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  1. How can you tell that the computer is operating in single processor mode?
  2. The computer only boots when SW Singe Processor Mode is enabled in the BIOS
  3. On the surface it sounds like a BIOS problem rather than a cpu problem./ Are there any BIOS updates available for your model of MB?
  4. I attempted to update the BIOs with an Intel based upgrade, however I couldn't because it is an eMachines OEM version. So the flash was unsuccessful.

    Question...why would it be a BIOs issue if the BIOs detects the chip and every partially gets into the Windows loading screen. The computer is also fully functional with 1 core operating.

    I don't think its a problem with the CPU, what I originally thought was that there was a lack of power being supplied from the PSU. Which is why I've come here I have exhausted all of my options.
  5. Let me ask this. Have you verified that the D950 is fully supported by the MB?
  6. The background research has been done, I researched it down to the specific sSpec number as well. The motherboard supports the SL95V with a BIOS updated to 1065 or greater.

    However that 1065 is an Intel MB flash, The version I have is for eMachines MB and is dated on Dec 2006, 11 months after this chip was released. I have read cases where people have flashed eMachine versions to Intel versions successfully, I haven't been able to do that.
  7. I wish I knew what to tell you - it sounds like you've done your homework. Maybe there's something wrong with the MB. I don't know.
  8. GC11020M.15A.2024....is what I have. eMachines hasn't released any updates, but Intel has a bunch but the naming convention is

    GC11020M.86A....I would need the 1065 according to them but I am using an OEM board.
  9. did you reinstalll windows?, if not then the HAL will be for the processor.
  10. Thanks anyway, at this point it is still an learning experience and I welcoming any other alternatives for me to try.

    I might even consider a new board because this board is outdated, but for what it is being used for I still think it is sufficient and a dual core would add a few more years to it.
  11. Thank you 13thmonkey, I read that on another forum. I did re-install Windows multiple times, both XP Pro and Vista HB. What do I have to do about the HAL.
  12. if its been a reinstall then its been done. At the point of install the hardware abstraction layer identifies and loads drivers for the hardware. So if you swap low level components, process & mobo without prepping windows reinitialise the HAL then there will be trouble as it won't know what to do with the connected hardware.
    I'm out of ideas then.
  13. Do I change the HAL in the msconfig?
  14. Come to think of it, I believe I re-installed Vista but on the P4 and then swapped the chips. Because I had to physically delete the old CPU in device manager. I think originally when I was re-installing Windows with the Pentium D I think my computer would shut down during the install process after it loads up the installation files to my hard disk.
  15. I'm not sure, what you have done might have been it, but googling for hal reinitialization might give you want you need. Its not really advised. If you try and start to install windows, i.e. before it commits anything to disk you'll at least prove that the mobo works.
  16. So I should go and re-install Windows with the Pentium D hooked up and then I can finally boot into Windows with the SW Single Processor Mode disabled.

    I will try that when I get home from work.

    Thanks again, abekl and 13thmonkey.
  17. thats what i'd do, or boot into single processor mode, tell windows to reinitialise the HAL, reboot and switch out of single processor mode and let windows do its stuff.
    does this help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/249694
    or this: http://www.itwriting.com/blog/479-changing-the-motherboard-underneath-windows-xp-and-vista.html

    If not then its a reinstall, it'll nice to do it anyway, start clean and all that. Use the easy transfer tool to maintain most settings etc.
  18. So I attempted to re-install Windows, didn't work. However there are maybe 1 or 2 instances where I have been able to get into windows and in task manager see both Cores then I can only go as far as the device manager before the computer restarts. This lead me to believe that perhaps it was an overheating issue because 485W should be enough power for onboard graphics and this Pentium D. I cleaned the HSF and the Processor and then re-applied the thermal compound (single spec dead in the middle). I still get the issue.

    I go to check my Computer in Device Manager and it shows 3 files and 2 of them are fore sure named

    That means the computer will recognize a second core right?

    Any thoughts?
  19. broken cpu?
    anyway to test it?
  20. Not really, but could it really be broken? What would be some quick indications of a broken CPU?
  21. I've no idea, bump this in a few days if no-one else is getting involved?

    You aren't set in the bios as ide, when the installation is ahci are you? that might cause the intermittentness.
  22. please explain, are you referring the harddrive configuration?
  23. Actually, I swapped in a second D 950 and it works, I re-installed Windows and it works. However I am just wondering why it's running at 2400 MHz as opposed to it's rated 3400 MHz. The bus speed is at 200 MHz, what would be causing that.
  24. 2400mhz what windows says or are you checking this through cpu-z
  25. so bad CPU?
  26. teleaddicted...the CPU is good it goes between that and the rated 3400 MHz. Processor runs great.

    13thmonkey, thanks for helping me through the troubleshoot process. I literally attempted everything on every OS possible. I luckily was shipped a 2nd CPU because it was lost in the mail for a while. The 2nd CPU ended up working while the 1st one must have a bad core or something.

    :) My dad is pleased with the performance and I can finally rest my mind because there was no way I was going to go back after so much invested time lol.
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