Display port to VGA, Eyefinity question!

Hey guys my brother has a ati 5770 (vapor x) and he's going eyefinity... (already has the 3 monitors etc)

he's using a DVI to VGA converter for one monitor, a HDMI to DVI for another, from what i've read he has to use the display port to be able to use eyefinity. I've also read that if you get a DP to DVI (passive) it will not work. i've read around and it seems the DP to VGA is the way to go (without spending loads of money on an active DP to DVI).

my question is will this converter work with eyefinity?:

as always i look forward to your replies (please nothing about upgrading a graphic card :P )



if not would something like this be better?
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  1. you need an active DP converter.

    Something like...
  2. Thank you! havent had a reply for ages in other forums i post this in tomshardware and get it almost instantly!

    Thank you very much :D :bounce:
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